Work Order Page

This page is where you can find and manage all of your Work Orders. It contains many filter options and the columns are completely editable so you only see the information that is most important to you. You can also perform bulk actions to update your jobs from this page.

  1. Use the Search filter here to type something like WO# or Customer Name to quickly find the job you need.
  2. The top bar also houses all of your advanced filters. You can filter by date range, job status, branch location, etc. There is even a filter to see just your Anytime jobs.
  3. Click on 'Columns' to access a dropdown to select what you want to show or hide in the main WO grid below. Once you select your columns you can easily click and drag to rearrange the order of the columns in your grid.
  4. Here you will find bulk actions. Simply click a checkbox next to 1 or multiple jobs in your grid and you can bulk Invoice, Assign Teams or Change the job status for all selected jobs. Read more about bulk actions click here.
  5. If you are using Recurring WOs you can include the Scheduler column to give you an easy clickable link that will take you to the main Scheduler for this Recurring set of jobs to make any changes there. To learn more about recurring work orders click here.
  6. Use the copy link here on the far right to easily duplicate any existing Work Order.

Work Order Help Documentation

Follow the links below to learn more about how you can create, assign and complete Work Orders in GPSI Field Service Management.

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Create and Assign Work Orders- This article will show all the steps necessary to create a new Work Order and assign it to one of your Teams. Here

Estimate Data Field Descriptions - This article will show you how you can control the Summary details for any of your Customer Locations so that this prefills on all created jobs. Here

How to Capture Job Coordinates - This article explains how a mobile technician can to record specific coordinates of the place where the job has to be done and store this information for future use. Here

Adding Photos to a Job on Mobile - This article shows how easy it is to capture and add notes to Job photos on the mobile app. Here

Job To-Dos - This article will explain how you can create custom To-dos in GPSI, attach them to created jobs and show how easy it is for technicians to record the required To-do information when they are on site. Here

Job Templates - This article shows how to create templates in GPSI for specific job types that you repeat often allowing you to create new similar types of Jobs in just a few clicks. Here

Job Custom Fields - Similar to Job To-dos, Custom fields allow you to record and report on unique data fields you can create to track information important to you and your customers. Here

Managing Jobs in Bulk - This article shows you how you can change the status, bulk assign to your teams and Win/Lose Estimate using bulk actions. Here

How to Create Recurring Work Orders - This article shows you how you can create recurring jobs for a Customer with a customized schedule. Here

How to Cancel Recurring Work Orders - Here

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