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Adding photos to a job from mobile device
Adding photos to a job from mobile device

How to add photos to a job

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You can add photos to a job while on location. Here are the steps on how to add. (Please note photos added on the website will not show on the mobile device)

Within the Job you can navigate to Photos by going to "More" >  "Photos"
For Android, "Photos" button is shown on the Job

When the Photo selection appears, you will see 4 categories. "Before", "After",
"Private" and "Recommended". These categories will reflect the organization within the Work Orders. Tap which category you wish to add the photo to and tap 'Capture'.

You will be prompted to select from which source you would like to add the photos from. (Please note if you select Camera, photos will NOT be stored locally on device, if you wish to Save photos locally, take photos on the device's default camera app and select 'Photo Library' to add)

In iOS devices you be allowed  to take multiple within the Camera.
In Android you will have to specify if it Single photo or Multiple by selecting one of the options. 

After you've added the photos to the job, you can add comments. Tap onto the text field and enter your comments. When ready, click "Save" Or
"Submit" to publish comments to the photos.

Once the Photo has been added and details syncs via stable internet connection, the photos will be saved to job and can be viewed on the computer as well. If you need to delete photos click here for the article.

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