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How to use Job To-dos
How to use Job To-dos

To-dos is a new enhanced feature in ServiceBridge that will give your team some additional flexibility along with job custom fields.

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This article will show you the many ways you can utilize enhanced To-dos in ServiceBridge.  We will go over how to add them to your Work Orders and Job Templates as well as showing how you can edit and record this information on the web and mobile apps.

Job To-dos will give your team the power to further customize your work orders to make sure the tasks you assign your technicians are completed and recorded within ServiceBridge.

Creating To-Dos

The first thing you will need to do is know where to go in your account to create To-dos which are located in Job Settings.

Click on your Settings icon in the upper right corner and then 'Jobs'

The fourth section will be a new section called 'Job To-dos' where you will be able to create new To-dos as well as edit existing ones.

Creating To-dos

When you click +Add new you will be shown the following screen:

  • To-do: This is the name of your To-do and is a required field.  Select the name that best describes what you need your technician to complete.

  • Default description: This is an optional longer description of the task.  This is where you can provide important details so that your technician knows exactly what is expected to complete this task.

  • Required by Default: This is where you can make your To-do required.  If you select this it will not be possible for the technician to finish the Work Order until this task is marked as complete or 'Cannot Do'.

Adding To-dos to Work Orders

Now when you go to create or edit a work order in ServiceBridge there is a new section under Products & Services.  You can click the +Add new button in the To-do List section to add any To-dos you've created within your account to this work order.

Each time you select +Add new you there will be a dropdown where you can select any of your created To-dos as well as creating brand new ones on the fly so you never have to leave the work order if you need to manage your To-do list.

Required: You can also mark any To-do as 'Required' by checking the box to the right of the text box on any of your added To-dos.

Remember to click on the Check Mark all the way on the right side to confirm each new To-do you add to the menu.  If you made a mistake you can click the 'X' to delete any To-dos you don't need.

Once you have confirmed you are then able to drag and drop to organize your To-dos in the order you wish them to appear.

You are also able to mark To-dos as completed on the desktop by checking the box on the right.  

Finally, at any point you are able to Edit your To-do list by hovering over any To-Do on the right side to give you the option to Edit or Delete.

Additionally there is the ability to complete any To-Do as 'Can't do' if this task is not possible for a variety of reasons.  This is more a function for the technician in the field, but it is also possible to record this on the desktop.

Anytime someone on the either platform completes a To-do as "Can't do" you will be required to record the reason this task cannot be completed.

Adding To-dos to Job Templates

It is also possible to add To-dos to any of your Job Templates to save you the extra step of adding them to commonly created work orders the same way you add them to a regular work order.

If you are interested in reading more about how to use and create Job Templates you can read more about them here.

In Job Settings you can create or edit any of your Job Templates and now you will notice that a Job To-do List section has been added under Products & Services here just as it has in your work orders.

Feel free to add and update your templates to save you time when you spin up any of the work orders within your ServiceBridge account.

To-Dos on the Mobile App

First please make sure you are using the latest version of ServiceBridge.

Once you are in a work order you have added some To-dos to you will find them by clicking on 'To-dos' on the bottom of your mobile device.

Here your technician can check the items off as they are completed the work for the customer by clicking on the selection check box.

Workflow Preferences

Finally you are also able to select a setting that will force users to complete To-dos before they are able to finish or complete jobs.

This setting is found in the Company Settings.  Click on the Preferences section and scroll down to Workflow Preferences to edit this setting.  Select this checkbox to enable this feature.

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