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Job Template FAQ
Job Template FAQ

Learn what a job template is along with how to utilize them within ServiceBridge

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What is a Job Template?

ServiceBridge Job Templates give you the power to create templates for specific job types that you repeat often. They save you time and clicks when creating new jobs and can be re-used over and over again.

Creating Job Templates in ServiceBridge

You will find Job Templates within Job Settings. 

  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner to access your advanced settings

  2. Select Jobs

  3. Scroll down to the fourth section 'Job Templates' and click to '+Add new' to create a job template.

Next you will fill in the following fields in the template.  You are not required to fill in every field if you don't need them outside of giving the Template a unique name. Every field you do fill in will then pre-populate for you on any work order you create using this template.

  • Template Name: Enter a unique name to call your template so you can differentiate it between any others you create.  This is required.

  • Summary: This will pre-fill the Work Order Summary on every job you create

  • Job Category

  • Skills required

  • Products and Services

  • Select the Estimated duration

  • Add in any common notes, private notes or invoice notes you wish to appear on all work orders created with this template

  • Finally you can set up a default reminder for the Job Template

Click Save when you are finished and your Job Template is created.

Using Job Templates in ServiceBridge

Ok now you've created one or more job templates, but how do you utilize these within your account?

  • The first thing to note is that you can View or Edit the Job template to make any changes you might need directly from the Job Templates section in Job Settings. Click on either to make any changes you need.

  • You can delete a template you no longer need by clicking on the garbage can icon.

  • You can copy an existing job template as well.  This could be useful if you need to spin up a few templates that are similar to save you some clicks when creating new templates.

Creating a Work Order using Job Templates

Now let's create a work order using our newly created Job Template.  Click the universal '+' Add button in the upper left and select Work Order.

Choose a customer for this work order to populate the remainder of the fields.

Click into the "Summary" text box and it will open a dropdown menu where you can select any of the Job Templates you've created.  You can even create a new template directly from this screen.

Select the correct job template from the dropdown and you will receive a pop-up message letting you know that this will override existing information in the work order.

Click confirm and you'll see all the fields you selected when you created the template are now pre-filled for you within the new work order.

Fill in the rest of the work order and click save and your work order has been created.

Job Templates can be re-used as many times as you need to save you time when creating new jobs within the system.

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