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How to cancel a recurring Work Order
How to cancel a recurring Work Order
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Let's say you have a recurring Work Order for a customer you need to cancel.  Follow these steps to properly update this in ServiceBridge. 

it is important to note that when you want an update to a recurring work order to effect all future jobs you need to be in the original work order.

  1. Locate an instance of the recurring work order in ServiceBridge using the search function.  You'll notice once you're in the recurring work order that there is a hyphen and a number after the WO Number.  In this example 122-10

  2. You need to go to the original work order in order to modify or cancel a recurring work order.  Click "Open scheduler details" (this will take us directly to work order 122-0 in this example)

3. Once in the original work order click Edit

4. Select Off for "Repeat this work order" at the very top and click save at the bottom.

This will cancel all future instances of this recurring Work Order starting with tomorrow's date.

***Please note - this will not cancel any Modified instances from that recurring work order.  

For example if you updated one of the work orders in say two weeks from today and changed that work order then it, along with any other instances which were modified, will not be cancelled. You will need to find and change these modified work orders individually after you go through the above steps.

You can search for the Work Order number or find them under the Jobs section of the Customer Record:

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