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Job Custom fields can be used to store additional job information via question and answer fields. They're also great for collecting unique information about jobs to help you track more relevant and personalized data for each job. Furthermore the custom fields can be grouped into distinct sections.

Custom Field Groups

First we will cover creating a custom field groups. To begin, navigate to the settings wheel, and click on Jobs to access work order and estimate settings.

Navigate to Custom Field Groups and click “+Add new” to create a new group.

In the name field enter the group name. The order field sets the hierarchy of which group gets displayed first. For example, the group with Order 0 will be displayed at the top and the group with order 999 will be displayed last.

Click Save when you have entered the group name and order.

Custom Fields

In the same Jobs setting view, navigate to the Custom Fields section.

Click “+Add new” to add a new Custom Field

In the Add Custom Field pop up you will enter the following information:

Display Name: How the Custom Field will appear.

Custom Field Group: The group to which this custom field is assigned to.

Input Type: You can select from the following

  • Number – Number or decimal value

  • Checkbox – A yes or no field. By default the value will be set to no.

  • Single-Line Text – Allows a single line of text for a short sentence

  • Multi-Line Text – Allows a entering multiple sentences in a box

  • Options List – Allows selecting from multiple predefined values separated by a semicolon ‘;’. For example, “follow-up needed; left message; call ahead;

Order: The hierarchy of which Custom Field gets displayed first, which gets displayed second and which gets displayed the last.

Description: More information about the custom field.

Once you have everything entered, click on Create

To delete a custom field simply click the trash can icon that displays on your right of the field you no longer want to use.

How to access custom fields from a work orders and estimates?

In ServiceBridge Web App, open any work order/estimate and navigate to the Custom Fields section. The fields are ordered by numbers that you've entered when you created the Custom Field. Click Edit to modify them.

From a mobile device, open any job. Also, the Custom fields will be ordered as you set when it was created. Touch fields tab and you will be able to view/modify the custom fields. (Note that if you do not see them, check your device settings to have them enabled - read more in Manage Device Settings)

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