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Capture Precise Job Coordinates on the Map
Capture Precise Job Coordinates on the Map
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This feature allows you to capture the specific coordinates of the place where the job has to be done. For instance, if the address is not enough for a technician, they can capture the coordinates for a very specific place. It is very useful when doing an Estimate, to show where the actual job will have to be done in the backyard. If the coordinates are not captured, the system shows the coordinates of the location address.

The usage of this feature is mostly for those locations which are very big (e.g. big field or a big building) and the address appears to be too abstract.
Every location may have its own precise coordinates captured.

To capture the coordinates, a technician needs to open a Work Order on the mobile app, and in the Customer Information section press the "Capture" button:

After you press the 'Capture' button, you will see a map with a current job location marked by a pin. You can zoom it with the zoom button on the bottom left corner:

You can also move the map to put the pin on the exact place where the job location is:

After you set the exact location of the job, press the 'Capture' button on the top right corner and the coordinates will be captured.

After these steps are done, the next time when the technician arrives to the location, he can see where exactly the job has to be done. He can also press the 'Map it' button and he will get the directions to this location in Google Maps:

When the coordinates are captured, they also appear on the Work Order in web application of ServiceBridge:

Also, the captured coordinates appear on the Customer Record, in the Location section. To see the coordinates, go to the Customer Record, navigate to the Location section and press the "Edit" button on a particular location:

A pop-up window appears and you can scroll down to see and edit the coordinates.

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