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How to create a recurring Work Order
How to create a recurring Work Order
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This short article will describe how you can create a recurring Work Order for a customer in ServiceBridge.

Create a Recurring Work Order

First step would be to create a brand new Work Order

Fill out All customer information as you would normally for a regular Work Order. And when you reach the "Schedule" section, you will toggle on "Repeat this work order".

ServiceBridge allows you the ability to create recurring jobs with Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or an Annually repeating schedule of your choosing. After you choose the schedule you must also choose a Scheduled End using the following options:

  • No end date

  • End after a certain number of occurrences

  • End on a defined end date

Custom Recurring Schedule

If the default options don't fit your needs you can also create a custom recurring schedule by clicking on the 'Custom' tab.

This will allow you to create  your own schedule with dates of your choosing that don't fit a specific pattern like the below example:

You can use the date selection and add in whatever recurring schedule you need to meet the needs of your customers.

Once you are satisfied with the recurring schedule you've created for this work order simply fill out the remainder of the Work Order information as you would for another other and click save.

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