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Create a Work Order and Assign it to a Field Worker
Create a Work Order and Assign it to a Field Worker
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Time to complete: 10 minutes

Creating a work order is very similar to creating an estimate. First, login to the ServiceBridge web version, scroll to the Universal Add Button, and select Work Order. 

A form will appear that asks you to enter the work order information. Once you have filled out the form, click Save.

At the top of the form, you will have the option of making this a recurring work order by selecting Repeat this work order. Here, you can select whether this is a one time job, or to repeat the job daily, weekly, monthly, or custom.

The remaining sections are as follows:

Customer Information

Customer. Choose the customer. Once you start typing the customer name, the rest will autofill.

Location. Select the worksite location.

Contact. Select a contact associated with this customer

Third Party Bill Payer. Choose the third party payer, if applicable

Marketing Campaign, Pricing Group, Default Asset. Select if applicable to this work order or customer.

Work Order Information

Short Description. Include a brief description of the job. You can add it on the "WO/EST Description" field on the Location Details and then it gets auto filled on all the Work Orders that are created for this particular location. This field allows for dynamic insertion of Customer Custom Fields using tags. Example: if you have Customer Custom Field for Account Type, use #{{Customer.Account Type}}.

Status. Choose the status to Assign in order for it to appear on the mobile device of the team assigned to.

Assigned To. Enter the team you have assigned this job to. Recall that you can only assign jobs to teams, not personnel.
Confirmation Status. Add a confirmation status of the job, if applicable.

Products and Services

To add products and services to your work order click +Add new Product or Service to open a selection menu containing all created Products and Services in ServiceBridge.  Use the search field or select items directly from the list to add to the Work Order.  

If you need to create a new Product or Service click the blue button +Create new Product or Service.


Work Order Date. Select the date of the work order, or click Today if the date is today which will automatically enter today's date.
Scheduled Time. Select the time of the job.
Estimated Duration. Choose how long you think the job will take to complete.

Planned Arrival Window. Choose the time of arrival window.


Notes. Add any additional details in the notes, private, or invoice section

Choose Template. You can select from templates to fill it in the notes.


Reminder. Choose a reminder that will send you a notification to your phone for how ever long before a job you select.
Click Save for the Work Order to be generated and saved.

How to add products and services to this work order after creation

To add products, services, and bundles to your work order, go the work order you have created, which you find via the search icon or by clicking on work orders on the left side of the home screen; select Products, Services, Bundles; and click edit.

A form will appear that allows you to add the products, services, and bundles you wish to this work order. Click onto "Add New" and a dropdown box will appear for you to add additional items. Search by name or click onto the items to add.

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