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Work Order/ Estimate Descriptions
Work Order/ Estimate Descriptions
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ServiceBridge users can create Work Order/Estimate descriptions for a particular location. By adding a description to this field, all future WO/EST descriptions are populated automatically. This new field also allows for dynamic insertion of Customer Custom Fields.

To add a new Work Order/Estimate description, you need to either edit an existing customer location or add a new one.

If you want to edit an existing location, go to Customer Details, navigate to the Locations section and press the "Edit" button. To create a new location press the (+Add new) button in the Locations section and you will get a pop-up window with the same fields.

The pop-up screen appears and you can type in the WO/EST Description for all the new Work Orders/Estimates created for that location. This field allows for dynamic insertion of Customer Custom Fields using tags. Example: if you have Customer Custom Field for Account Type, use #{{Customer.Account Type}} and the tag will be replaced with the Customer Custom Field value.

Now, when the WO/EST Description field is defined, the Description of all the future Work Orders and Estimates created for this particular location will be auto filled.

Keep in mind that it will appear on all the new jobs created for that location, but you can always edit the Description field in the job creation dialog. Just put the cursor in the highlighted Summary field and edit the text.

To see the default recurring short description, go to Location on Customer details.

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