Personnel Page

This page is where you can find and manage our subscription base as well as create teams and add/attach mobile devices to your staff so they can complete work in the field.

  1. Easily add mobile devices and assign them to your team members.
  2. Once a device has been successfully added you can click Edit and easily reassign the device to any active user in your account.
  3. The +Add Personnel button will allow you to add additional FSM users to your account.
  4. Click on the name of any user to go to their Personnel record where you can manage their roles and permissions on FSM desktop as well as their mobile device settings.
  5. Easily activate and deactivate subscription users based on the needs of your business. A green check mark shows you a user is active.
  6. Create Teams for your field technicians here. Jobs can only be assigned to a Team.
  7. You can Edit and Delete teams from this column to change which users are assigned. Only a Team with no users can be deleted.

Help Documentation

Follow the links below to learn more about how you can add users and manage your subscription base, as well as your fleet of technicians and devices from the Personnel Page in GPSI Field Service Management.

How to Add and Activate Account Users - Here

How to Manage Roles and Permissions - This article will show you how you can create and customize permissions in GPSI and assign these roles to users to make sure each employee in your business has the right access level. Here

How to Create Teams - This article will explain the difference in GPSI between Personnel and Teams and walk you through the steps to create Teams for your technicians in the field. Here

How to Add a Mobile Device - This article will explain how easy it is to add a mobile device and assign it to one of your team members. Here

How to Manage Mobile Device Settings - This article will show you how to customize the mobile device permissions for all of your employees in GPSI as well as setting up geo-tracking. Here

How to Create Personnel Custom Fields - Here

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