Add a Mobile Device

Learn how to add a mobile device

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To add a device for a personnel, please follow these steps: 

  1. Click on Personnel in the left navigation column

  2. Navigate to the section called Devices.

  3. Click Add Device.

4. Choose the employee you would like to assign the device to by choosing their name in the dropdown menu next to "Assigned To:"

5. Once you choose an employee, a QR card will generate on the screen. 

Open the native camera app on the device you are working to connect and hold it up to the screen. It will recognize the QR code and you will receive an alert to "Open in ServiceBridge." Click on this alert. 

6. Once you open the ServiceBridge app, it will connect the device to the account. 

When you connect a new device, the device settings will need to be configured. You can learn more about configuring device settings in the article Managing Device Settings.

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