How to Create Roles
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Each user in your ServiceBridge account will be assigned a role. Each role has a different set of permissions, allowing the users assigned to it to read, modify or delete various records in the system. 

To create a role in ServiceBridge, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner. 

  2. Click on Personnel.

  3. Navigate to the section called Roles & Permissions.

  4. Click Add New.

5. Choose a name for this role and add it to the field called "Name."
6. One by one, choose if this role should have None, Read, Modify or Delete access for each feature in ServiceBridge. The meaning of each of these is: 

None: The feature will not show up on the user's screen
Read: The user will only be able to see the records but will not be able to make changes or delete.
Modify: The user will be able to edit the records but not delete.
Delete: The user will be able to modify or delete records. 

7. Choose if people with this role should have Special Permissions.

Allow Supervision will allow this role to see jobs for other users.
Manage only own branch will allow this role to only see information for their branch, not all branches in your account.
Allow User Impersonation will allow to log in as another user to do things like set up their profile.
Manage only own branch will allow to see all sub-companies connected to the company's account.

8. Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Save.

Your role will not be available to assign to your users.

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