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Estimate Approval

Estimate Approval Feature

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This article will provide a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough on how to configure and use our Estimate Approval Feature.

If you are interested in trying this feature please reach out to our support team.

Estimate Approval allows you to send a link for your customers to review the estimate that was provided to them. Your customers will be able to accept, decline or request edits on the estimate. This functionality will allow accepting deposits (if you have CardConnect as your payment processor).

Estimate Approval Preferences

Once our support team confirms that your account has the new feature enabled, you will need to go into your Settings > Company > Preferences to set up your Estimate Approval Preferences.

Enable estimates approval process: This enable/disables the feature

Calculate Deposit for Estimates: Enables deposits on Estimates
Default Deposit Amount: Sets the percentage of how much the customer will need to pay to move forward with the estimate

Convert Won Estimate to Work Order: Automatically creates a work order related to the estimate when it's won. However, there isn't a schedule set for the Work Order.

Expire estimate link after: Sets a expiration to the estimate link to expire after a certain amount of days.

Send Estimate update to Sales Rep: Enable email notification to sales rep on of changes to the estimate requested by the customer.

Creating an Estimate

Once Estimate Approval Preferences are set up, you are ready to create your first estimate.

Emailing Estimate Approval

When your estimate is ready to send to customers, you can click onto "Send Receipt" on the website or send email via mobile app. The customer will receive an email in which they can review the estimate. The follow image is how the email will appear to the customer.

If you choose to send the link to the customer direct, you can click onto "Get Shareable Link"

This will be saved to your clipboard (CTRL + C/CMD + C) and you can then paste it to an email or your communication method.

Reviewing Estimate

When the customer click onto "View Estimate" they will be navigated to the a copy of their estimate and given options to Decline, Modify or Approve the Estimate.

Depending on your Estimate Approval Preferences, your customers would be navigating through 3-5 steps, they will see their progress at the top of the Estimate approval screen:
View: Viewing a copy of their Estimate

Sign: Capturing digital signature of the customer

Pay: Capturing customer's deposit

Schedule: Leaving scheduling notes (this does not schedule and assign a work order to your employees)

Review: Reviewing the "Terms and Service" and agreeing to the Estimate

If customer choses to decline, they can leave optional comments.

If customer choses to modify Estimate, they can leave option comments.

Reviewing Estimates

Regardless of which option your customer choses to go with, you will need to manage/review.

From this page, you will be able to review all the Won Estimate, and you will able to schedule these out with your team (A work Order will be automatically generated if the setting was enabled):

To review Modified/Lost Estimate, go into "Job Request", in this menu you can see the Reason (optional) that the customer declined or modified their job:

You can reopen the Estimate if needed. If there are any questions regarding this article or the Estimate Approval Process please reach out to our support team.

Note: If you are using a custom email template, the email body will not contain the link for customer for Estimate Approval. Please reach out to our support team as we will have to adjust the email body for you.

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