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Create an Estimate and Assign it to a Field Worker
Create an Estimate and Assign it to a Field Worker
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Time to complete: 10 minutes

Now that the customer record is complete, you will create a job for that customer. There are two types of jobs you can create:

  • Estimates. This is a tool for your company to manage and close proposals. If a customer requests an estimate, you can create a job record for this estimate and assign it to a field worker.

  • Work orders. This is a job for a technician. Unlike an estimate, the customer has requested you to complete a job.

Although these job types function differently in a company’s workflow, they function similarly in ServiceBridge. This section will go over how to create an estimate on the web version.

How to Create an Estimate on the Web Version

To create an estimate, login to ServiceBridge, scroll to the Universal Add Button, and select Estimate. 

A form will appear that asks you to enter the estimate information. This form is broken into four sections.

Section One, Customer information. Basic customer information, such as location, primary contact, and so forth. Most of this will auto-fill from your customer record. 

Once I started typing "Chicago Cultural Center," ServiceBridge auto filled the remaining customer information. 

Section Two, Estimate Information. This is where you enter information about the job you will be completing for the customer. You will need to enter:

  • Summary. Include a brief description of the estimate. You can add it on the "WO/EST Description" field on the Location Details and then it gets auto filled on all the estimates that are created for this particular location. This field allows for dynamic insertion of Customer Custom Fields using tags. Example: if you have Customer Custom Field for Account Type, use #{{Customer.Account Type}}.

  • Status. What is the status of the estimate? To assign this estimate to a field worker, make the status Assigned. The field worker will later change the status once he/she has completed the job.

  • Team. Enter the team you have assigned this job to. Recall that you can only assign jobs to Teams, not Personnel.

  • Confirmation Status. This may or may not apply. It is the how you have confirmed the job with the customer.

Remember that in order for your field worker to receive this job, you must change the status to assigned and you must assign it to a team. The Estimate above, because it is not assigned to a team or given the status 'Assigned,' would not show up on my mobile device. (Also, although the photo above has two fields not covered --Sales Representative and Branch--you will not see these on your screen, and can ignore them for the time being)

Section Three, Schedule. Enter the date and time when your field worker will complete this job

Section four, Notes. Here, you can add any additional notes to this estimate.

When you are done entering in this information, click ‘Save.’ Now, you can view the estimate record under your estimates, or search for it in the Search bar.

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