The Calendar Page

The Calendar page is where you can manage schedule your work and manage the workflow in either a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Calendar view that contains all of your Teams and created jobs.

  1. The top menu bar contains all of your filters you can use to manage everything you see on your calendar below. Each dropdown will allow you to further filter out jobs based on Job Status, Job Type, Branches, Zipcodes and many more.
  2. If you ever need to create a new job without knowing the Work Date you can leave it blank and those Anyday Jobs will appear in this section of the calendar. You can easily drag jobs back and forth between the Calendar for scheduling. Learn more about Anyday jobs here.
  3. Cycle between Day, Week and Month view here.
  4. All of your Teams, plus an Unassigned Jobs column, will appear along the top of your Calendar grid.
  5. Use these filters to select which teams or groups of teams you wish to see in your grid at any given time.
  6. Anytime jobs (jobs with no defined start time entered) and Allday jobs (jobs with Estimated Duration 24 hours or more) appear in these 2 rows.
  7. You can double click in the grey Calendar grid under any team column for the option to create a new Work Order, Estimate, Project and even an Unavailable Status.
  8. Double click on any job card to make any changes without ever leaving the Calendar. Jobs also all have color coded status indicators: Grey = Unassigned, Blue = Assigned, Orange = In Progress, Green = Finished, Red = Suspended, Blue-Grey = Completed and Invoiced.
  9. The bottom right shows you a snapshot of your Day/Week/Month showing you how many scheduled jobs are finished along with revenue totals.

Calendar Help Documentation

Follow the links below to learn more about how you can schedule and manage your fleet of jobs and technicians all from the GPSI Calendar.

Calendar Webinar - Follow this link to our On Demand webinars page where you can watch an advanced training on all of the Calendar's many features.

Using and Scheduling Anytime and Anyday Jobs - If you regularly create jobs without a Work Date or Scheduled time, learn how you can use your Calendar to easily keep track of and schedule these unassigned Anytime and Anyday jobs. Here

Calendar Settings - Learn how to customize your calendar settings and Job cards along with easy ways to filter and search for just the right job. Here

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