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How to customize Job cards on the Calendar
How to customize Job cards on the Calendar
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This article will show you how to customize your job cards that appear on the calendar to make sure the pop ups contain only the most important information relevant to your business.

Calendar Settings

You can edit the Calendar settings from your Company Settings page.

Click Settings in the upper right, select Company from the dropdown and then scroll all the way down to the Preferences section.

Calendar Preferences will be the third one down. Click Edit to make changes.

Calendar Preferences

Here you can edit all of the information that will appear on your job cards. The preferences section will contain about a dozen possible options - each one you can add or remove from the job card simply by checking the box next to it. As you can see below we have Card Time, Service Location and a few others selected.

Card Title: One other very important option is your ability to choose whether you want the Customer Name or Service Location Name to be the default Job Card title. Change to your preference right here from the dropdown.

Custom Fields - Finally at the bottom you have the ability to select a maximum of TWO of your Job level Custom Fields to appear on the card.

When you are finished click Save.

Additional Company Settings

You also have some additional controls in your Company Settings under the Preferences section. You can control your business hours and days which will have an impact on your Calendar views.

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