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Using and scheduling Anytime and Anyday Jobs
Using and scheduling Anytime and Anyday Jobs
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GPSI Field Service Management allows you to create jobs by leaving the date and/or the time blank allowing you to create these jobs in the future and then return to schedule them when it's most convenient for your team.

This article will show you how you can find and schedule these jobs using the features on your Calendar page.

If this feature is not enabled on your account and you are interested please reach out to support.

Anyday Jobs

An Anyday job is a created job where the Work Order Date has been left blank. You can choose whether to enter the Scheduled Time or leave it blank as well. Either choice is acceptable.

Once you create an Anyday job it will appear in your Calendar at the very top above your Teams in its own section. These jobs are accessible on all 3 (Day, Week, Month) views.

You can also click on the down arrow to show or hide these jobs at any time.

Scheduling Anyday Jobs:

  • You can easily drag and drop these jobs down to your Calendar to assign them from the Day, Week or Month view.

  • You can also drag jobs already on your calendar back up into this section and the Work Date will be removed allowing you to easily switch back and forth.

Anytime Jobs

An Anytime job is a created job where the Work Order Date is assigned, but the time is left blank. You know when you will be completing this work for a customer, but until the work is assigned and scheduled you don't know the availability of your teams to choose the time so it is perfectly acceptable to leave Scheduled Time blank during intake.

Anytime jobs, because they have a Work Date Assigned to them, but you do not yet know what time the work will be completed will appear in a special row at the top of your calendar on all 3 views.

You can see in this Week View that we have 2 Anytime jobs for this Calendar week. One on Monday 1/18 and another on Tuesday 1/19.

  • Just like with Anyday jobs you can easily drag jobs down from this row to your work day and assign them to your Teams.

  • You can also drag jobs up from your Calendar into this row and the Time will be removed and the job will change to an Anytime job.

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