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Credit Card Surcharge on Invoices
Credit Card Surcharge on Invoices

How to issue a surcharge on an invoice for credit card use

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Currently we do not support surcharge functionality for credit card payments, but it would be possible to address this issue by adding surcharge fee to the work order manually. For this you would create new Service or Product in your Products & Services section (you can call it “CC processing fee” or anything else) and assign $0.00 price to it. If customer would like to pay for the WO with the credit card, then tech would add “CC processing fee“ to the job and assign the price to it. If exact price is required, then the tech would have to know % fee and calculate the price manually.

Another option would be to create separate “CC processing fee $5.00” items with approximate fee. If the job is $500.00 then “CC processing fee $5.00“ line item would already have specified price of $5.00. If the job is $5000.00 then you could use already created item “CC processing fee $500.00“. This is just an example, you will have to define “CC processing fee“ based on your needs.

You can review our article about adding Products and Service on adding this new item: Add Product, Services & Bundles

Example of how it will look how you can add within a work order.

If you are allowing mobile device to take payments please ensure the user is allowed to Edit prices of items to be able to change the prices of the surcharge.

Some other options are here:

Calculate in the field

  • You can either create a $0.00 service called “Credit Card Processing Fee” and add it to the work order in the field if the customer uses a credit card. The technician would need to calculate the amount (0.025 x total) to set the price, and then swipe the card.

Create Preset Tiers

  • To avoid any calculations in the field, some customers have created multiple services like this:

Set a Flat Fee

  • Set a fee of $10 for a credit card usage with a minimum of $100.

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