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Learn how to create Products, Services and Bundles and how to add these items to a group.

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Time to complete: 10-15 minutes

Next step in updating your company information is to create products, services, and/or bundles. There are three ways to bring your Products & Services List into ServiceBridge:

  • QuickBooks Online: Our Two-Way Sync with QuickBooks Online will import your existing list into ServiceBridge automatically by connecting your accounts.

  • Data Import Tool:  In our Settings section, we have a Data Import tool you can use to upload your Products & Services list from an Excel sheet. 

  • Manually:  You can also add your Products & Services manually to ServiceBridge by following the directions below.

Products, Services and Bundles can be added from both the web app and mobile app of ServiceBridge.

  • Products are specific physical items you offer your customers.

  • Services are man-hours, such as labor or overtime, you offer your customers.

  • Bundles are a combination of products and services that you offer your customers.

Products, Services, and Bundles can be organized into Products & Services Groups in your Settings

How to create Products and Services Groups 

Groups allow you to organize your products and services into categories. To create a group, click on Settings in the upper right corner and select Products & Services.

Scroll to Products & Services Groups and click on the "Add New" button.

A form will appear prompting you to create this group. You will choose:

  • Name: Example: Pool Maintenance Equipment

  • Income Account: What income account in your QuickBooks Online is this product associated with?  Select your chosen designation from the dropdown.

  • Apply income account to all Products & Services: You can automatically apply this to all products and services by choosing on for yes and off for no.

When completed, click save. You have now created a Group.

How to create a Products, Services, and/or Bundles

First, go to the Universal Add Button ("+" button, upper left corner) and click on Product & Service. A screen will appear that gives you the option of creating a product, service, or bundle.

If you choose Product, you will see this form: 

Apart from the two sections at the bottom--units and cost, which are highlighted--this is the same form you will see if you select Service.

If you are creating a Product, select product at the top of the form. Then, fill out the form. The items are as follows:

  • SKU. The product's stock keeping unit

  • Group. Select which group this product will be a part of

  • Name. What is the name of the product? The name will be searchable on both mobile and web versions of ServiceBridge

  • Description. Provide a description of the product

  • Income Account. Choose the income account this product is associated with

  • Taxable. Is the product taxable?

  • Commissionable. Is the product commissionable?

  • Units. This is a product-specific item. Select the unit for this product

  • Cost. This is a product-specific item. Select the cost of this product

  • Master Price. What is the product's sell price?

Apart from Units and Costs, you will enter the same information for a Service you would for a product. In their place will be Charge Type and Estimated Duration.

Create a Bundle

A Bundle is a combination of products and services. With bundles, you can combine common products and services pairings; this will save you time, as you will not have to search for products and services separately.

When creating a bundle, fill out the form, and include the products and services you are combining.

Lock Quantity and Price. Choose whether the bundle quantity and price will be locked. If it is locked, employees will not be able to change it from their mobile device.

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