In this post you'll learn how to configure ServiceBridge to be able to run Marketing ROI Reports. Here are the steps at a high level

  1. Setup & Manage Marketing Campaigns
  2. Create Leads
  3. Process Leads
  4. Run Marketing ROI Reports

1. Setup & Manage Marketing Campaigns

Who:  Admins, Sales and Marketing people should setup campaigns
When: One time and Monthly. One time to setup then at least once per month to manage.
How: Marketing Campaign setup is possible in the Settings > Customer settings page or Settings > Marketing settings page. Users should enter the start dates and dollar value to have accurate ROI reports.

There are two types of Marketing Campaigns:

  • Marketing Campaigns that are managed by franchisees.
  • Master Marketing Campaigns that are managed by franchisor. 

2. Create Leads

Who: Admins and technical staff should configure the system to accept leads. Usually this requires a developer that knows how to use APIs.  
When: Configuration is a one-time thing.  Once configured, leads are created right away when they are submitted by the Public API or LeadSync and about every hour through an integration with AvidTrak.
How: The system creates leads automatically. To manually test this, follow the instructions here: how-to-create-a-lead 

3. Process Leads

Who: Anyone that enters new customer, estimate and work order details into ServiceBridge
When: Daily. Users should plan to review Leads in the Actions > Leads grid at least once per day.  Don't let too many Leads sit unattended for too long. Leads need to be acted upon so that the business can earn money and so that if the business is spending money on marketing campaigns there is good data integrity to know which campaigns are performing the best.
How: Go to Actions > Leads to take action on a lead. See below for more details on what needs to be done and what the system does for you. Follow the instructions here to learn more: how-to-process-leads 

4. Run Marketing ROI Reports

Who:  Admins, Sales and Marketing people that manage marketing spend.
When: Ad hoc depending on how frequently marketing budgets and campaigns change. At least once per Month, per Quarter or per Year is common
How: Go to Reports. There are a few different Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) Reports depending if you are in a franchisor, multi-unit or single company. 

  1. "Marketing ROI Report by Company/Branch" Report (Most users will only see this Report)
  2. "Franchisor Marketing ROI" Report
  3. "Franchisor Marketing ROI by Company/Branch" Report

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