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How to create a Lead

Learn how to use the Public API to create a Lead in ServiceBridge

Written by Jennifer Wieth
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How to create a Lead:

Leads functionality must be enabled to be able to create a Lead. Contact the ServiceBridge support team to enable this feature. Please review this article prior to contacting support: customers-vs-prospects-vs-leads

There are a few ways to create Leads in ServiceBridge

  1. Public API (most common for web forms)

  2. AvidTrak Call Tracking Integration

  3. LeadSync Facebook Integration

1. Public API

Using the Public API, any developer can send information from almost anywhere directly into ServiceBridge. The most common use case is a "contact us" web form on a website or landing page.  When a user submits the form, the form data can be automatically sent to ServiceBridge and a new lead is created. 

Leads Methods

The POST /api/v1/Leads method will create new leads in a ServiceBridge account.

Basic Example

In order to use the Public API, a user with API access must exist in the account. Learn more here: public-api

There are multiple authentication methods to use the Public API. The example below uses the sessionKey which can be retrieved using the Login API method. 

Here's an example of the JSON value:

  "LeadSource":"Contact Form",
  "MarketingCampaign": "Organic",
  "LeadDateUtc": "2019-07-26T20:15:26.784Z",
  "Name": "John Smith",
  "Email": "",
  "Phone": "555-555-2355",
  "ZipCode": "60654",
  "Notes": "Can you provide an estimate this week?",

Leads will be visible in the Actions > Leads screen. The Lead will get created in the ServiceBridge account where the API user is authenticated. Are you a franchisor? Leads created at the franchisor level will go through a leads routing process to send the lead to the correct franchisee.

If the Campaign doesn't exist, then users will be prompted to create a campaign.

After the lead is created, the next steps are to process the Lead. Learn more here: leads-processes 

2. AvidTrak Call Tracking Integration

Leads will be created automatically 1 hour after a call is received using a phone number provided by Avidtrak.  To create Leads via AvidTrak please follow the instructions here: how-to-configure-avidtrak 

3. LeadSync Facebook Integration

Follow the instructions on the LeadSync site to enable the Facebook to ServiceBridge integration how-to-sync-facebook-lead-ads-with-servicebridge/

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