How to configure AvidTrak

Learn how to setup and configure AvidTrak to create leads

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AvidTrak is a call tracking software for digital marketers.  Leads will be created in ServiceBridge automatically 1 hour after a call is received using a phone number provided by Avidtrak.

To setup Avidtrak in ServiceBridge,  go to Settings -> Customer Settings (or Marketing Settings if in Franchisor Account) -> AvidTrak Connection section, then create a new connection. 

Create a New Connection: 

  1. Nickname: AvidTrak connection name. This can be whatever you want to call your connection to make it easier to identify it in a list. i.e. "Franchisee 123 AvidTrak"

  2. Branch: If you use branches, then specify to which branch Leads from the AvidTrak connection should be assigned to. This will impact how leads are matched to records. If not sure then leave it as all branches. 

  3. AvidTrak PIN: The connection pin. Get this from AvidTrak.

  4. Leads Source: the source from which leads are retrieved. This field value will be used in Reports.  (This is the same as the Lead Source attribute in the Public API.)

  5. Sync Leads From: this date input can be modified only when a new connection is created. Leads after this will be included in the initial sync. To re-run historical data will require professional services from the ServiceBridge support team. 

  6. Channels: (optional) By default the marketing campaign of every Lead created in ServiceBridge will be the Tactic Label on the phone call record from AvidTrak. It is possible to override this value by using channel mappings. (FYI: In AvidTrak, the tactic label for a particular tracking number is managed in the Manage Number screen. )

For the Franchise networks:

It is possible to configure AvidTrak to forward leads to each individual franchise under franchisor account. To set this up AvidTrak will have to enable this feature for your AvidTrak account. Once this feature is enabled you will be able to set SB account number or SB branch number to forward leads to correct account/branch (see bellow).

On ServiceBridge side you will have to set up AvidTrak API connection for franchisor account and make sure that SB support enables following settings:

  1. Leads Enabled: YES

  2. AvidTrak Enabled: YES

  3. Leads Routing Enabled: YES

For the franchisee account following settings will have to be enabled:

  1. Leads Enabled: YES

  2. AvidTrak Enabled: YES

No need to add Franchisor AvidTrak connection to each individual franchisee account. 

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