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Creating A New Account for Customer Portal
Creating A New Account for Customer Portal
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A customer can also sign up for your Customer Portal by clicking create account now.

1. First and Last Name – Customer writes their First and Last Name

2. Email address and Phone number – Customer writes their email address and phone number.

3. Password – Customer selects a password and re-enters it to confirm it.

4. Create Account

Once you click Create Account it will confirm it by saying your account has been successfully created. You will also have an option to enter your address information.

You can add a new address and contact when you access the Request Service page.

1. Name this address – Lets the customer choose the name of this location.

2. Street Address – Enter the street address of the location.

3. City – Enter the city.

4. State – Enter the state.

5. Zip – Enter the zip.

6. Save – Saves the address

You can also add a new contact from the same view.

  1. Location – The Customer can choose the location for the contact.

2. First Name – First name of the contact.
3. Last Name – Last name of the contact.
4. Phone Number – Phone number of the contact.
5. Email – Email of the contact.
6. Save – Saves the contact.

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