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Inviting Customers to Customer Portal
Inviting Customers to Customer Portal
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To invite customers to your customer portal, you can log in to your ServiceBridge online and click on settings and “Customer Portal”

Once you find the customer you wish to invite you can click on the checkbox of that customer and click Invite. It will prompt you to confirm that you wish to invite the customer.

Customer Invitation Email

Once you invite a customer and they receive this invitation email. The customer now can click on the link to create a password.

After the customer clicks the link it will take him to this page asking them to create a password:

After the customer creates a password it will let him know that the password was successfully saved:


Once a customer creates a password he is now able to log in to the account.


The contact button lets customers contact you, the company, easily and quickly. A contact page opens up when a customer clicks Contact.

From here your company information is shown, the customer contact information is pre-filled, and the message box is where the customer can write any question, comment, or concern they have.

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