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Customer Portal Improvements in FSM
Customer Portal Improvements in FSM
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This article will describe all of the important improvements to the Customer Portal in February 2021.

Inviting Contacts to the Portal

You now will have the ability to invite new contacts to the Customer Portal as you create them.

Simply go to the Customer Record and click Add New Contact. When you enter an email address for the new Contact a new selection will appear asking if you want to immediately invite this contact to the Customer Portal.

Improvements to the Customer Portal Grid

Contacts who are attached to more than one Customer or Service Location will now be consolidated in one line to make it much simpler to invite and manage your portal contacts.

You can see in the image below where we have one contact email address associated with a number of different Customers and Locations. It takes only one click to invite this contact to engage with your portal.

Improvements to the Customer Experience

Filters for Customer and Location: We have also made it easier for invited Contacts to find and manage their jobs in the Customer Portal.

Contacts are now able to filter jobs by Customer and by Location. This will be especially useful for a Contact who is attached to more than one Service Location and more than one Customer to use these filters to find the relevant job(s).

Requesting Service: Contacts will also notice a more streamlined Service Request process. We have also made it easier for contacts associated with more than one Customer to request work. These contacts will first select the Customer and then be presented with the new Service Request screen below where they can select the location and contact from a dropdown, type in relevant note along with a preferred date and time and submit the request which will still show up in your Actions tab.

PLEASE NOTE: The Select Customer dropdown will only show for Contacts associated with more than one Customer. All other portal contacts will see just Location and Contact dropdowns.

Improvements for Franchise Networks and National Accounts

These updates will also hide national account contacts from each Franchisee's Customer Portal contact grid so they will not be confused with regular Customer contacts and invitations.

National Account contacts will now be invited from the Franchisor Portal and will also have additional updates to their portal experience. When a National Account contact logs into their portal they will only see national work orders that are approved for performance and pricing.

There will also be quick links to rate service and the PDF details.

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