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How to create Pricing Groups

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Pricing Group is used to apply a specific set of prices select Products and Services for group of Customers. This article will help you set up Products and Services along with Customers to reflect pricing of groups correctly.

If you are interested in the “Pricing Group” feature, please reach out to our Support Team to enable this feature for you.

To begin you must first create a Pricing Group in your company's Products & Services Settings.

You can do this by clicking on your name in the Upper Right Corner

Click onto “+ Add New”

Name the group and put a brief description for notes.
Afterwards, click “Save”

After the group has been created, you can navigate to the Products and Services section of the left menu to show your current list of Products and Services. Locate the Product and Service you wish to have affected with a Pricing Group and click on it. 

Locate and expand the “Pricing Group” section and you can see the groups you’ve created. Keep in mind If the pricing is in Italics this is the default pricing without Pricing Group influence.

Click onto “Edit”

You will see the fields pre-filled with a lighter grey text. You can replace the text with a new price. Afterwards, click Save to apply the changes.

Next you must edit the existing Customer record to apply a Pricing group for that customer. You can select what pricing group they belong to within their record.

Open the Customer record and click onto “Edit”

Click on the dropdown for Default Pricing Group and select the one that applies. Afterwards, click “Save” at the bottom to apply changes.
Note: Keep in mind that jobs and invoices that have been created prior to the changing of Default Pricing Group will not reflect the updated pricing.

You are finished. Every time a Job is created, the Products and Services that have been added to a Pricing group will reflect automatically with the Customer.

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