Daily Route Optimization

Utilize the ServiceBridge Geo Tracking page to optimize the routes for your technicians

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This short article will detail how you can easily optimize your Team's daily routes from the Geo Tracking page in ServiceBridge. Before you are able to use this tool, please reach out to ServiceBridge support for use to enable this tool for you.

To navigate to this page click on 'Tracking' under the Scheduling tab on the left margin within your ServiceBridge account.

Let's say you're faced with a situation like we have in the below image.  Based on the default route for this technician you can quickly see that there are some inefficiencies in this schedule.  

If the technician started on the job in Phoenix there would be a lot of additional drive time and backtracking necessary to complete the remainder of the jobs.  

Route Optimization

To optimize this route in ServiceBridge:

  1. Click on 'Route' in the upper left of the Geo Tracking page to open a drop down

  2. Select 'Optimize routes' to optimize the route(s) of the Teams you have selected on the map.  Additionally, you can choose to avoid tolls and/or highways when you optimize if you so choose.

  3. Click 'Route' to optimize the route(s) for the selected team(s) on the map.

Now the route for this team has been optimized into a smarter daily schedule.

Final Step: If you are satisfied with this optimization you still need to save this route so that it will update and show up this way on the technician's mobile device.  

  1. Click on the 'Route' drop down in the upper left again.

  2. Click 'Save Route' to save this route and finalize the update to the route.

You're done.  Now when the technician logs into the mobile app to view his/her daily route this new optimized route will be the one that appears.

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