National Accounts Billing
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  1. Franchisee invoices for work completed for a National Account Customer.

  2. Franchisor reviews the invoice since the Franchisor is the Third Party Bill Payer.

  3. Franchisor performs consolidated billing for the National Account Customer Locations.

ServiceBridge provides optional functionality to prevent your Franchisees from invoicing the National Account jobs without the Franchisor reviewing the Work Orders first. In this case, the following two steps would occur prior to the Franchisee submitting the invoice.

  1. Franchisee submits Work Order for review by Franchisor

  2. Franchisor approves/rejects Work Order

If you want Work Order reviews enabled, contact


When the Franchisee creates a Work Order for a National Account Customer the Franchisor Company, as a Third Party Bill Payer, is pre-selected for this Work Order:

This means that the job will be done for this Location of the National Account Customer, but the Invoice will be paid by the Franchisor. Later, the Franchisor will do consolidated billing for the National Account Locations.

If the setting for the National Accounts Work Order review is not enabled, the Franchisee can Invoice this Work Order, and the Franchisor will be marked as a Third Party Bill Payer on the Invoice. In other words, the Invoice will be created for you as a Franchisor:

If the setting for the National Account Work Order reviews is enabled, the Franchisee will have a button 'Request Approval' at the top of the Work Order:

An important part is that when the Franchisee requests a review, the Work Order is locked, its status is changed to 'Finished' and no further changes can be done unless the Franchisor declines the Work Order. The franchisee will get a prompt message asking to confirm if they are ready to request a review:


After the Franchisee requests an approve, you will see a red label in the Actions section. Under this section you will see a sub-section 'National Accounts':

If you click on this section, you will see a list of all the actions that need to be taken for the National Accounts Work Order approval. In this list, you can see the information about the submitted Work Orders for review. You can approve or decline the Work Order straight from the grid by pressing the respective buttons:

You can sort the grid by pressing the column header:

You can also filter the grid by date, by Company, and by the Review status. Also, you can use the bulk actions to approve several Work Orders at once:

If you need more details on the particular Work Order, you can press the 'View' button and it will open the Work Order details:

In the Work Order Details page, you also have the 'Approve' and 'Decline' buttons, so after viewing the details you don't need to go back to the grid to do the actions:

If you approve the Work Order, it will disappear from the grid and no further action is needed. Invoice will be created automatically .

If you decline the Work Order, you will see a pop-up window where you need to write a reason why you decline the Work Order and what needs to be fixed:

The Decline Reason appears in the Work Order’s Activity Notes section:

Franchisee also sees the Activity Notes, but cannot edit the ones that were created by the Franchisor:

When you press the 'Decline' button, the Work Order will also disappear from the grid, because there are no more actions needed from you. The Franchisee will see that the Work Order was declined and will be able to request a review again.

When you approve the Work Order, the Activity Note will also appear in the Activity Notes section.

In the Actions section, they will see a red label that shows how many notifications they have. They get notified of the Work Order review status changes:

When the Work Order is approved by the Franchisor, the Franchisee can Invoice the Work Order by pressing the 'Invoice' button on the Work Order details page:

After the Invoice is generated by the Franchisee, it should be sent to the Franchisor Headquarters as any other Invoice for regular Customers.


According to the agreement with the National Account Headquarters, the Franchisor can invoice the Work Orders one by one, or use the bulk invoicing functionality for weekly or monthly billing. The Franchisor can create one invoice for all the National Account Work Orders what are done in different locations.

As Franchisor, in the Work Orders list you first need to select franchisor company in the companies filter dropdown and to mark the National Account checkbox filter (press ‘More’ button at the top right corner, if these options are not visible):

Also, you can filter the list by the National Account Customer Name by typing the name in the Filter section. This filter will help you to see only the Work Orders done to the specific National Account customer.

To create Invoices for Work Orders in the list in bulk, mark the checkboxes in the list and press the ‘Create Invoice’ button:

If there are Work Orders for different National Account Locations, separate Invoices will be created for these National Account Locations, but the Customer for those Invoices will be the National Account Headquarters.

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