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The Google sign in feature allows you to use your Google credentials to sign into ServiceBridge.

You don't need to remember your ServiceBridge password if you have created an account with your Google Mail or Gmail address.


A good thing about Google sign-in is that you can manage and create accounts for your employees without giving them a ServiceBridge account password. So if it becomes necessary to disable access to a ServiceBridge account for a certain employee, the manager can just disable the access of this Google (G Suite) account and this employee is no longer able to login to ServiceBridge account.

To create a new account in ServiceBridge, press the universal add button (+) at the top left corner and select Personnel:

Then enter the information about the Employee:

Keep in mind that entering the e-mail on the Employee record is not the same as creating a new user. The creation of new user applies new fees to your subscription.

Once the user is created with the Gmail or Google Mail username, this user can use the Google sign in option instead of logging in to ServiceBridge separately.

To sign in with Google, press the button at the Login screen:

This will open a pop-up window where you can select which account you want to use for signing in:

If the account that you need is not listed here, you can press 'Use another account' and enter the credentials of a different Google account.

If this browser is currently logged in to this Google account , it will automatically log in to your ServiceBridge account.

If you are not logged in to the Google account on this browser, it will ask for your Google account password:

If the account does not exist, you will get an error message:

If you get this message, you might want to check if you selected the correct e-mail address or create an account in ServiceBridge first.

If you set everything as shown above and your employees have only their Gmail password, not ServiceBridge, it's enough for you to disable their access to the organization Gmail account and they will not be able to access their ServiceBridge account either.

To control who uses Gmail in your organization, follow the instructions here.

To delete a Gmail user from your organization, follow the instructions here.

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