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Company Documents and Custom Fields
Company Documents and Custom Fields
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As a Franchisor, you can upload some documents, like agreements or certificates under your Franchisee Companies, add some Custom Fields and create the reports for those Custom Fields. The Franchisee can see neither the documents nor the Custom Fields that you add to their Company profile.


If you want to add some documents to a Franchisee company, go to your Companies section and select the company that needs to have a document uploaded:

Once you open the Company Details page, navigate to the Documents section and press the (+Add new) button:

This opens a pop-up window where you need to enter the Document Name and, optionally, the description of the document. Then press the 'Select Files' button or drag and drop the file:

Keep in mind that only pdf, jpeg, word and excel documents are supported.


As a Franchisor, you can create Custom Fields and Custom Field Groups for your Franchisees that will be visible only for you.

As the Custom Field Group is obligatory for creating a Custom Field, creating at least one Group first, would be a good choice. To create it, go to the Companies Settings, navigate to Custom Field Groups section and press the (+Add new) button:

This opens a pop-up window where you should enter the name for this Custom Field Group and order number which is the hierarchy of which Custom Field gets displayed first, which gets displayed second and which gets displayed the last:

Now you are ready to create a Custom Field for your 'child' companies. To do so, navigate to Custom Fields section and press the (+Add new) button:

This will open a pop-up window to create a Custom Field. You will need to enter the name of field or Display Name and select a Custom Field Group that you've created before. Also, select the Input Type such as number/ check box/ single-line text/ multi-line text/ options list. Select the order in which this particular Custom Field will be displayed in the Company Custom Fields section:

These Custom Fields will appear under the Company Details, in the Custom Fields section where you can fill in this Custom Field by pressing the 'Edit' button:

Also, these Custom Fields can be displayed in the reports as an additional field.

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