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Daily Route

Display job locations and the fastest routes on Daily Route

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Daily Route feature displays job locations and the fastest routes on an interactive map.

Daily Route feature can be accessed from the Dashboard of the ServiceBridge app.
Note: We recommend you to download the Google Maps app, however it will work with your regular Maps app as well.

From your dashboard click on Daily Route.

1. The green check mark signifies that a job has been finished.
2. The orange triangle shows that a job is in-progress.
3. The blue circles show that the job is assigned.

Suspended jobs will show up with a red X.

You can click on a specific job and it will show you a box with minor details like the job number, date, and the time. Or, you can click on the box to open up more options: 

4. You can click Show Details which will take you to general details of the job or,
 5. Route To which will open up your navigation so you can navigate to that job.

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