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Swipe and Collect Credit Card Payments
Swipe and Collect Credit Card Payments
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ServiceBridge integrates with CardConnect swipers allowing payment processing in the field. To begin, make sure you have an active ServiceBridge device and credit card reader in hand.

Note: The credit card reader is compatible with the most updated version of the ServiceBridge app.

Additionally if you have any questions about using the VP3300 card reader click here to read more.

Accepting a Mobile Payment

  1. To begin processing credit cards from the mobile device touch “Collect Payment”

2. Select “Use Card Reader”

You will be taken to a screen with visual instructions.  Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled and no other devices connected to your wireless device at the moment.

3. Hold the reader with the 3 lights facing you and press the power button.  Select the reader from the available device list.

Once you select the reader from the list the Amount field will appear.  You can modify this if you wish to accept only a partial payment.

4. When you are ready, insert or swipe the card as the diagram on your screen shows to continue processing the payment.

You can watch this short video to show you exactly how to insert and swipe the card using you card reader.

5. After the card is swiped you can review the information and select 'Process Payment'

Success!  Your payment has been processed.

Finally you will be given the choice to email a receipt of the transaction to the customer.  Select 'Send' or 'No, Thanks'

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