In ServiceBridge, you have the ability to send a push notification to a mobile technician for both "Jobs" and "Tasks". I will go over how to send a push notification and the requirements needed to configure your technicians device to receive job notifications.

Create a push notification for Jobs/Tasks

1) After your customer is created and you are on the work-order, estimate or task creation screen - scroll to the very bottom where it says "Reminder". Turn the "Reminder" to "ON".

2) You can now configure how much time before the job/task starts that you would like to remind the technician, as well as the message you would like to display on your technicians mobile device.

3) After you save the Job or Task, it will allow now appear on the next screen, reminding you of your reminder!

4) Next, on the mobile app, your technician should receive that reminder which will display the message that was inputted.

5) To configure your technician's device to receive notifications, follow these simple steps:

- Find the Application Manager of your phone (iOS or Android) and locate the ServiceBridge App.

- Click on "Notifications".

- Allow the device to receive notifications. You can configure the location on the screen of where the notification will be placed.

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