Applying Commission Roles
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Apply commissions to Personnel

Once you create commission roles you can then apply them to technicians and/or sales reps for commissions to start calculating. Note that the commission will only start calculating from the time you apply the commission role and will not be calculated historically. In other words commissions for previous invoices will not be calculated.  They will only be calculated for invoices created after the commission role is applied.

In navigation panel, start by clicking on Personnel. Under the Personnel section click on the employee you would like to apply the commission role to.

Navigate to Payroll Setup and click on Edit.

Select one of the commission types

  • Is Technician. Role defined for a technician via Commission Roles

  • Is Sales Representative. Role defined for a sales rep via Commission Roles

Note that if you do not see the commission type in the drop down, refer back to the creating commission roles article to verify the role you created matches the type you are applying.

Also, you can apply a Technician and Sales Representative role to a single employee. Just be aware that you will have commissions calculated from both roles.

Once you select the commission types, click Save

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