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Set a default refund item
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Why should I create a default refund item?

Upon issuing a refund receipt or a credit memo to a customer, you will have to select an item that you are refunding. To avoid entering the some random item over and over again each time we create a product called ‘Adjustment’ or ‘Refund’. We can then set it to be the default refund item so that it will automatically be pre-filled upon issuing a refund.

How to set up a default refund item?

First we need to create a new Products & Services item called ‘Refund’. Click on the universal add (+) button and select Product & Service.

Give it a meaningful name such as ‘Refund’ and select Income Account ‘Refunds-Allowances’ or some other account that would be affected upon issuing a refund. Set it to taxable in case taxes will need to be applied and leave the cost and price as ‘0.00’. Click the button Save to save it in your Products & Services list.

Click on the Settings wheel and select Company

Navigate to Accounting section and under Refund Settings click Edit button.

Start typing ‘Refund’ or the product that you created and once it displays in your view, select it. Click Save. Now whenever you issue a refund, the default Products & Services item will be pre-filled for you.

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