Recurring Invoices
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Recurring invoices automatically create invoices based on a user-specified interval. Typically, these invoices are related to scheduled jobs.

To create a recurring invoice, go to create an invoice from the Universal Add Button, and click on 'Create Recurring Invoice' in the top-right corner as shown below

If the Recurring Invoice is related to a scheduled job, open the scheduling details of the job and click on Create Recurring Invoice.

In case you do not have a scheduled job yet, you can create one by clicking on the Universal Add Button, create Work Order and then activating the option to Repeat the Work Order.

Once you are on the Create Recurring Invoice dialog you just have to fill out the form. This form is broken into five sections: Recurring Invoice Schedule, Customer Information, Recurring Charges, Other Information, and Invoice details.

Recurring Invoice Schedule
Enter information about the interval and generation dates of the invoice. Here you can enable/disable the Recurring Invoice setup.

For recurring invoices, the activate date is the date that the recurring invoice will start, so that date should be the first invoice work orders will be collected from. The deactivate date should stay empty unless you have a date you want the recurring invoice to stop on.

Customer information
Enter basic customer information, such as contact and location details. Most of this will auto-fill from your customer record.

Recurring Charges. Choose if you want the payment to be auto collected and setup.

Other Information
Choose if you want the invoice to be sent to the client when generated; if you want to invoice only finished Work Orders; you can choose terms and taxes and if you want to add Work Order Invoice Notes.

Invoice Details
Add specific items or associate scheduled Work Orders to the Recurring Invoice.

Your Recurring Invoice has now been created. You can edit any information by simply clicking the "Edit" Button on the top left corner.

To see the global list of Recurring Invoices click on Accounting, and Recurring Invoices

To see all the Recurring Invoices associated to a particular customer go to the profile of this customer and click on the Recurring Invoices field.

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