Bulk Actions allow you to Invoice multiple work orders all at once. Selected work orders can be invoiced and/or have their status changed.

Open "Work Orders" via the left side navigation.  Once in the Work Orders list you will be able to select the check box for the specific Work Orders you need and change them in bulk. 

Change Status

Select the Work Orders needed and click "Change Status"

You will now be able to choose the status for all of the selected Work Orders

Create Invoice

Select the Work Orders needed and click "Create Invoice"

You will now select the Issue Date, Terms, Invoice Notes,  add WO invoices notes and Group by Customer, Address and Taxes.  Once finished click "Create Invoice"

After the Work Orders have been Invoiced, a check mark will be placed next to it letting you know that it was Invoiced. 

Assign To

Select the Work Orders needed and click "Assign To"

Here you can update all of the selected Work Orders to bulk assign them to one Team.  You can also add an Additional Employee by selecting one other Personnel member from the dropdown as well as updating the Work Order Date for all selected Work Orders.

When you are done click 'Save'.

Estimate Bulk Actions

You can also perform Bulk Actions to update your Estimates similar to Work Orders. You can easily make bulk changes to the Status and what Team is assigned to the estimates.

The key unique bulk action for Estimates is the ability to mark them as 'Won' or 'Lost'.

If you click 'Win' you will instantly be able to create a new Work Orders for the selected Estimates and the status will be changed to 'Won'.

If you click 'Lose' you will be asked to enter a reason then click Save.

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