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How to Track Past Due Invoices
How to Track Past Due Invoices
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Past Due invoices are the ones that were not paid as of its due date. In ServiceBridge these invoices are marked with a red flag stating Past Due

Past Due

Invoices are marked as Past Due whenever any Open or Partial Invoice date exceeds the Dating Terms on the Invoice.

The Past Due flag appears on the Customer record whenever any Invoice assigned to the Customer is Past Due. Invoices created for a 3rd Party Bill Payer will not affect the Past Due status of the service location but only the Past Due status of the bill payer.

To view the Customer's Open balance or a Past Due balance, you need to go to the Customer record and in the section "Customer Balance" you will see the needed information:

If you want to view all the Past Due customers, you need to go to the Customers' section and in the upper right corner select the "Past Due Balance":

If you want to view all the Past Due invoices, you need to go to the Accounting section, navigate to Invoices and press the "Past Due" button in order to filter it:

You can also sort it by status. To do so, press on the "Status" column.

In Recurring Invoices list you can also find the Past Due flag on the invoices that are late to be paid.

Past Due Invoice Reports

To create a report of the Past Due invoices, you need to navigate to the Reports section, press the universal add (+Add new) button at Accounting Reports and select "Invoice list" as a report type. Press "Create" button and the report will open.

In the Select Fields section find a field named "Past Due Balance" and add it to your report.

If you need to see only the Past Due invoices, you can filter it. To do so, press the "Add Filter" button and select the advanced filters:

Press "Save" button and you will have a report of your Past Due invoices.

Past Due Policies

In ServiceBridge you are able to select one of the two kinds of policies for the Past Due invoices.

One of them is showing the Past Due status with warning and another one is disabling new services for the Past Due customers.

To choose the policy that suits best for you, you may go to Settings, navigate to the Accounting and press the "Edit" button:

The pop-up window appears and in the "Past Due Policy" section you can pick the one that suits best for you:

After you set this policy, your company's account will act according to it.

For Mobile applications the Past Due policy will be covered as well, right now its' development is in progress.

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