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Prepare your account for integration with ServiceBridge
Prepare your account for integration with ServiceBridge
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Please follow the steps and configure your account to get ready and integrate Payment Processor with ServiceBridge, and process your clients payments using Payment Profiles.

Step 1: Enable Customer Information Manager

CIM allows you to store your customers’ sensitive payment information on secure servers, simplifying payments for returning customers and recurring transactions. It can also help you comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, since customer data is not stored in ServiceBridge. Once set up you will be able to store your customers’ information as a Payment Profile instead of re-entering the same credit card information every time you need to process a credit card payment. Each customer can include up to 10 payment profiles:

  1. Under Tools select Customer Information Manager

  2. Below Sign Up Now section, select ‘Sign up for Customer Information Manager (CIM) Now’

  3. Read over the terms and select ‘I Agree’

Step 2: Obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key

Your API Login ID and Transaction Key are unique pieces of information specifically associated with your payment gateway account. These two values are only required when setting up an Internet connection between ServiceBridge and the payment gateway. They are used by the payment gateway to authenticate that you are authorized to submit transactions via ServiceBridge. Transactions that cannot be authenticated by the payment gateway are not processed.

  1. Click Account from the main toolbar.

  2. Click Settings in the main left side menu.

  3. Click API Login ID and Transaction Key in the Security Settings section.

  4. Under Create New Transaction Key, enter your Secret Answer.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. The API Login ID and Transaction Key will be displayed on the screen

  7. Send this information to and we will integrate it with your current ServiceBridge account

Note: Be sure to record your Transaction Key immediately in a secure manner or copy it immediately to a file in a secure location, since it is not always visible in the Merchant Interface like the API Login ID. Once you navigate away from the confirmation page, there is no other way to access the Transaction Key in the Merchant Interface. You would have to generate a new Transaction Key and notify ServiceBridge so the key can be updated.

Step 3: Disable Credit Card Test Mode

For security reasons, all new accounts are set in Test Mode. When an account is in Test Mode, transactions may be submitted that will not be authorized or charged credit cards or bank accounts. When the payment gateway is in Test Mode, each page in your Merchant Interface will show a banner stating, ‘ACCOUNT IS IN TEST MODE - REAL TRANSACTIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED’. Click Account from the main toolbar.

  1. Click Settings in the main left side menu.

  2. Under security settings click Test Mode.

  3. Click the Turn Test OFF button. The interface will confirm that the Test Mode Settings have been Successfully Applied and you're now in live mode.

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