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QuickBooks Classes and ServiceBridge
QuickBooks Classes and ServiceBridge
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What are QuickBooks Online classes? 

QuickBooks users can assign classes to track and categorize their transactions. After creating a class, QuickBooks Online users can assign this class to any of their transactions. Although a class can be anything, common ones are location, department, project, product lines, and more. For more information on classes, see this article from intuit. To enable classes on QuickBooks Online, see this article.

What is new with QuickBooks classes and ServiceBridge?

QuickBooks classes sync with ServiceBridge, which allows users to track their classed transactions on both systems. QuickBooks classes can be found in the Invoices and Refunds section of ServiceBridge.

How to use Classes on QuickBooks Online and ServiceBridge

The class will appear differently in ServiceBridge depending on the type of class you create in QuickBooks. The two types of classes you can enable are:

One to Each Row in Transaction: Here, every item that can be invoiced—on your Products, Services, and Bundles—will be given a class. The class will be listed under the Invoice Items section of the ServiceBridge Invoice record. 

[As highlighted above, when the class setting is "One to Each Row in a Transaction," this information will be found in your ServiceBridge invoice record, under "Refund item," and will be organized per item]
One to Each Transaction: Here, the entire invoice will be assigned a class. The class information will be available in the “General” section of the invoice record. 

[As highlighted above, when the class setting is "One to Each Transaction," this information will be found in your ServiceBridge Invoice record, under "Other Information"]

QuickBooks Online classes will also appear in ServiceBridge under refunds. This information can be find in the General tab in the Refunds section.

Creating Products and Services on ServiceBridge and assigning a class 

When the QuickBooks class is set to Each Row in a Transaction, ServiceBridge users can assign this class to new products and services.

Click the universal add button and select product.

Under product or service information, go to class and select the class you would like. These are the same classes you have created on QuickBooks.

All future invoices with this product will contain class information under Invoice Items section of Invoice record (see image above under "One to Each Row in a Transaction"

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