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Knowledge Assets assigned to a single product / service can be viewed under the "Knowledge Assets" tab of a selected product / service.


Use the Knowledge Base feature to provide instructional resources to technicians in the field. Expedite the training of new team members, and ensure that knowledge collected over the years will remain with the company after experienced technicians retire.

The Knowledge Base feature enables you to link knowledge assets and training resources, such as installation manuals and videos to products and services. All files are securely stored in the cloud for instant access to technicians in the field.

Add a Knowledge Asset to a Product or Service?

Click "Products & Services" on the left side navigation, open a product or service.

  • Click "Add New" under "Knowledge Base"; additional fields will appear to enter knowledge asset information.

  • Note: By default a Product / Service will not have any Knowledge Assets.

Select a file type. Available file types include:

  • Photo

  • Video

  • PDF

  • Link

Enter a name, a brief description of an Asset, a link or click browse button to select a file on your computer.

Select the check box to make the knowledge asset visible on the mobile app.

Select the check box to inform technician about available knowledge assets upon arrival at the job site.

Click to open a browser and select a file to upload.

Click to save changes for the new knowledge asset.

How to access Knowledge Assets in ServiceBridge Mobile App 

The following notification will display once the technician arrives at a jobsite. (Changes the status of a job from "Assigned" to "In Progress")

  • Note: The technician will only receive this notification if "display" is check marked in the ServicePortal for a knowledge asset.

  1. Closes the reminder

  2. Technician is redirected to jobs "Knowledge Assets" which can also be found on the dashboard.


Location of Knowledge Assets View Knowledge Assets assigned to all products and services for the current job.


  1. Opens job Knowledge Base view.

  2. Opens product / service Knowledge Asset assigned to the product / service.

Knowledge Assets assigned to a single product / service can be viewed under the "Knowledge Assets" tab of a selected product / service.


Open Knowledge Asset

Cannot see Knowledge Assets on the mobile device? In the mobile app all products and services are refreshed every 24hours. If a Knowledge Asset is added to a product or service the same day, you will have to do a manual refresh. After the 24hour period you will not have to do a manual refresh and the product / services will automatically have the Knowledge Assets attached to them.


  1. Click to open Add Product / Services / Kits screen.

  2. Click to refresh all Products / Services / Kits with the latest details and assets.

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