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Web UI Update - Top Bar and Filters
Web UI Update - Top Bar and Filters

Layout improvements to give a cleaner, more intuitive user interface

Written by Enda Hennigan
Updated over a week ago

What's new in this release

We’re excited to announce that GPS Insight’s Field Service Management user
interface is undergoing a facelift that will enhance your experience by:

  • Modernizing the web app to follow best-in-class practices for displaying
    menus and options

  • Decluttering and rearranging to make the layout cleaner and more intuitive

  • Paving the way for exciting new changes

Top Bar and Filters

The main change you will notice is that the filters and grid search have been moved from the top bar to the page body, as you can see below:

Above: New web UI filter layout

This gives a cleaner look and feel and better readability compared to the previous layout:

Above: Previous layout

Menus and Global Search

Other components have moved or been restyled, namely the Search feature, Support menu and Help Center menu. These are all accessible in the top right hand corner of the screen using new icons.

There has been no change in functionality, so you can continue to use the web app just as you have before.

Coming Soon

There is an upcoming change will be super exciting for our clients who use both FSM and GPS Tracking/Fleet Management. Soon, we’ll be launching a new App Switcher
utility which allows you to switch back and forth between the GPS Tracking and FSM
portals with ease. Additional details to follow!

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