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Adding Signatures on Jobs (Android)
Adding Signatures on Jobs (Android)
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Prior to finishing a job, you can have your customers review your work and if all parties are satisfied you can capture the signature.

To capture signature, navigate to job and swipe on the menu bar to show "Signature"

If there was an existing signature on the job, it will appear on this page, otherwise you can tap onto "New Signature"

Have you customer sign then tap "Capture". It will then prompt you if you would like to type into the customers name.

After a name has been typed it, it will appear at the top of the signature.

Now the signature is captured. You can go back to the General tab to change the status to "Finished" for the job.

Then this signature will be printed onto the PDF of the job.

Note: If edits were done to the job AFTER the signature has been captured, the signature will not be copied onto the job PDF.


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