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Introducing SMS Estimated Time of Arrival Notifications

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You can notify your customers that you are on your way to their location by using our On My Way SMS feature in the mobile app.

To access this feature, open a job on the mobile app and tap on the general tab and then tap on "On my way SMS message" to send a message to your customer. The customer must have a valid cellphone number filled out under the customer's service contact.

A prefilled text will appear with the option to edit the content and select and estimated time before you arrive. The message will include the company name and phone number they can call if they need to make any changes. The text message is sent from a third-party phone number.

Make sure your customer records have a valid cell phone number. The On My Way button may be disabled if the customer does not have a valid cell phone number on record.

Note: This feature currently only works for customers that are based in North America.

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