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Map Scheduler: Actions and Filters
Map Scheduler: Actions and Filters

How to use particular actions and filters within the Map schedule page

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If you are interested or currently working in the map scheduler page, here are some helpful tips and features.

Schedulers and users have found it useful to visualize jobs on the map to assist in scheduling jobs to a team by date, time, and area.

First, you can get to the map scheduler using the left navigation menu. You will see "Map" in the "Scheduling" section.

Service Date and Team(s) Selection

Starting at the left hand side of the page, this is where you can filter and show the jobs on the map. Select the date and the team(s) you would like to review. These selections will show jobs pertaining to your selection on the map and in the timeline window.

Note: When you first go to the page, the default service date is the current day


To filter by job statuses, branch, or team groups, click the filter button at the top right of the drawer. When you are finished and want to apply the filters, click "Apply" at the bottom right. These filters will apply to all the components in the map page such as the map and the timeline window.

Note: Default selected statuses for Work Orders are: Open, Assigned, In Progress. Default selected status for Estimates are: Open, Assigned, In Progress

Map Options

To show additional jobs outside the service date, you can click "Jobs Date Range" at the top right of the map and it will show you a dropdown menu. Then select the date range you would like to see additional jobs.

Note: Default date range is current day

When you select a date range that is not the current day, you will see a message at the top of the map. When you are done viewing the data range, you can click the "x" button and it will automatically go back to the current day date range.

More Map Options

To give you more flexibility on the jobs to show on the map, there are a few options available to you in the "Jobs Date Range" menu:

  • Unassigned - shows jobs without a team assigned within the data range (this is not related to the job status)

  • Anyday Jobs - shows jobs that have a date set to Anyday

  • Exclude Assigned Jobs - removes from view the jobs that are assigned to a team (this is not related to the job status)

Map Actions

You can use these map actions to help you view all your jobs:

  • Fit in screen - Zooms in or out to focus and fit all the jobs selected in the map

  • Full screen - Puts the map page in full screen mode

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