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How to use the Map Page in FSM
How to use the Map Page in FSM
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This article will detail key features in the Field Service Management Map page to better allow you to schedule and track your teams and vehicles directly from this page.

Map Page

  1. This is the Team, Date and Filter selector grid. Each of your teams has a fleshed out team card that shows the number of jobs, total hours, drive time and revenue for the selected date.

  2. The Job Date Range controls what unassigned jobs appear on the map.

  3. The Map grid shows selected teams, routes and job markers.

  4. The Timeline shows the schedules for selected teams.

Map Features and Team Grid

  1. Schedule Date shows all assigned jobs for the selected date. Additionally, when assigning jobs to a team this will schedule the jobs for this date. You can change the selected Date by using the left and right arrows or clicking directly on the date to bring up the Calendar picker.

  2. The Team grid is located here. You can select and deselect the teams you want to appear on the map and in the timeline below. Teams will appear blue when they are selected. Each team card provides a summary of the team’s current schedule based for the selected schedule date.

  3. Job Filters

Job Filters

  1. If branches are enabled in your account, the branch dropdown switches between teams and jobs assigned to the selected branch here.

  2. You can choose what types of jobs you would like to appear on the map.

  3. Unassigned jobs appear on the map as grey icons

    Job Date Range

    1. Start Date and End Date of jobs schedule date to show

    2. Additional Filters to show/hide Unassigned jobs, Anyday Jobs and/or Exclude Assigned Jobs

    3. Full screen the Map to fit your screen.

    4. Zoom to fit all shown jobs.

    Job Cards

Clicking on a job marker on the map will open a Job summary, including a link to the Work Order or Estimate details page.

Map Timeline

The timeline at the bottom includes teams selected from the team grid and shows all jobs and estimated drives in the scheduled order.

  1. Click 'Edit' to modify the selected schedule for any of your selected Teams. You can drag and drop the numbered jobs already on each timeline or add additional jobs directly from the map.

  2. Click and drag here to expand or contract the size of the timeline in your view.

  3. Team timeline options are found here. Click the 'X' or the to remove any team from the grid or click the 'eye' icon to show or hide routes on the map above. The expand arrow will only appear if there are time conflicts like in the above example for our Unassigned Jobs.

  4. Each job in the timeline is represented by a gray portion which indicates estimated drive time and a colored portion which corresponds to each Team's color. The Job number corresponds to the route order based on the schedule.

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