Vehicles Overview

Integrate your GPS tracked vehicles with your Field Service Map.

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With vehicle integration, you can view all of your GPS tracked vehicles on your Field Service Management map at anytime.

Generate an API Key

To connect your GPS Insight vehicle data with FSM, you will need to generate an App Key from within GPS Insight by completing the following steps:

**PLEASE NOTE: if you are a Standard Portal user you will need to reach out to GPSI support and request the creation of the API key

1.) Open a web browser, and log in to

2.) On the Menu Bar, hover over the Account menu and point to Manage Users, then click on Manage Access to API V2 functions.

3.) Click Create New API app

4.) Create an App Key for GPS Insight Field Service Management and click save.

5.) Copy the token and username values.

6.) Login to your Field Service Management application, and go to Settings, then Vehicles. Enter your username and token values and then click Connect. Once this is complete, you should see a list of your vehicles.

Assigning a Vehicle to a Team

Once the API connection is established and all of your vehicles have been synced over the next step is going to be assigning one of your vehicles to one of your teams.

1.) Go to the Personnel page

2.) Scroll down to your Teams section and select 'Edit' next to the team in your fleet you want to attach a vehicle.

3.) In the edit team modal, select the vehicle that is associated with the team and click save.

4.) You should now see vehicles assigned to your teams.

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