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How to assign starting/ending locations to your Teams
How to assign starting/ending locations to your Teams
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This article will walk you though how to set starting and ending locations for all of your teams for use on the Timeline on the Map page.

If the team icon has an alert bubble (see below), then the team doesn’t have a starting or ending location. Your estimated drive times will not include time spent driving to the first location or leaving the last location of the day.

Setting Starting and Ending Locations

Adding starting and ending locations to your Teams couldn't be easier. Simply go to your Personnel page and scroll down to the Team section at the bottom. Click 'Edit' next to the team you wish to modify.

  1. Starting Location - you can select the checkbox to make this the same as the Company address or enter a custom location (like a technician's home).

  2. Ending Location - same as starting location.

When you save your changes these updates will be reflected on the Map and your team's route in the Timeline.

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