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How to Win/Lose an Estimate
How to Win/Lose an Estimate
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Your team has just finished an Estimate for a Customer. Now you have 2 options to complete the process:

  • The Estimate is approved by the Customer and you need to 'Win' the Estimate and create a Work Order

  • The customer did not wish to move forward with the work so you need to update the status of the estimate as 'Lost'

Field Service Management makes it very easy to Win or Lose your estimates. This article will show you where and how you can do this.

Option 1: Directly from the Estimate

You can select to Win or Lose directly from the Estimate page right at the top of the General section.

If you click 'Win' you will instantly be able to create a new Work Order.

If you click 'Lose' you will be asked to enter a reason then click Ok.

Option 2 - Using Bulk Actions to Win/Lose Estimates

You can also perform the same actions from the Estimates page. Simply click the checkbox(es) next to the Estimate(s) you wish to update and then you can update the status to Won or Lost in Bulk.

To learn more about updating Work Orders or Estimates using Bulk actions click here.

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